Open Top Style 75-435


Open top style storage has the largest and most efficient use of storage in the industry Deep shelves and ample base storage of larger items and buckets accommodate every type of trade.

Model Number            W    x    D    x    H        Cu. Ft

Open Top Style 75-435              48        30        57           47.5

  • 3 point latching and locking for additional security
  • No pry access to padlock
  • Mortised heavy duty hinges for strength and durability
  • Industry exclusive tool less removable caster for extra security
  • Industry exclusive chain hook eye for added protection- SECUR-EYE
  • 4-way fork pockets for added safety and convenience
  • Military technology proven lock apparatus
  • Polyurethane finish for durability and protection
  • Gas assist springs to help opening and closing of doors
  • Solid steel handle recessed for ease of handling
  • Full width door opening allows long or bulky items to be stored easily
  • Rubber grommet on all models for power cord safety
  • Standard door pockets welded in place
  • Steel reinforced door edges for added security and rigidity
  • Masterlock #3 or American Lock #5200 standard padlock required

Industry Exclusive removable tool less removable casters.

Roll storage cabinet or chest to space on jobsite, lift up entire box with forklift or pallet jack and pull pin and slide out all four casters to ensure your tools and supplies are not just rolled off jobsite. Have more than one box on jobsite, one set of casters will work on numerous storage cabinets for reduced overall costs.

Industry Exclusive Chain Hook Security Feature: SECUR-EYE

Use 3/8 steel chain to add more security and deter thieves from taking your property. Loop chain around building post, other equipment or additional storage cabinets along with industry exclusive removable casters to add multiple layers to deter thieves from stealing your tools and equipment.

Heaviest duty hinges in industry:

Heavy duty steel hinges welded into frame and door on cabinet models to ensure stability, durability, and security.  Hinges are stake welded to prevent driving pin out. Knuckles welded for additional strength.

WORK-STOR  jobsite security cabinets and chests are designed for the longest most durable and secure storage for all industries and trades. Constructed of high strength steel with reinforced bottom and corners welded for additional rigidity and durability. Functionality along with security was combined with all the exclusives to make WORK-STOR storage the best in the industry.

Paint your storage your company color, see details *

*Minimum purchase required

*Choose from color samples

*Additional lead time required

Other Options:
Model Number            W    x    D    x    H        Cu. Ft

75-435                  48        30        57           47.5

75-635                  60        30        57           59.3

75-735                  72        30        57           71.2

75-43L               48        30        49           40.8

75-63L               60        30        49           51

75-64L              60        36        49           61.2

75-73L               72        36        49           73.5


Open Top Style 75-435              48        30        57           47.5

Additional information

Weight 285 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 48 × 57 in


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